Perfection is a Disease of a Nation

Yes the title of today’s post ‘perfection is a disease of a nation’ is from Beyoncé’s song “Pretty Hurts“. I do like Beyoncé for her music and flawed feminism. We love to be picture perfect, we paint over our unique faces and than talk about being confident in our own skin. We spend countless hours applying filters to pictures or finding the right pose and then talk about accepting a healthy body image. Some would call these actions hypocrisy rather then flaws but I beg to differ.

Orchid Maxi Dress

Hi Everyone. Do I have a bit of a crush on maxi dresses? Of course I do! I love them for their comfort and grace. I am specially in love with this new sheer dress. The florals and the nude color of the dress just made it a perfect steal for my wardrobe.

Hello My Lovely Peeps.


Hi Everyone. I have been MIA for a while and for some good reasons. Other than dealing with some health issues I have also been struggling with some personal dilemmas. I know I often share that how staying true to myself has been one of my main priority and I have come at a real crossroads with it in past six months. As the blog picked up traffic so did the brands that wanted to work with me. Initially it was great but then slowly I had to sign contracts to use one brand over the other and not promote certain brands. Then dealing with brands telling me that they thought I would look great in their clothes and they wanted to reach out to my audience but they couldn’t share the collaborations with their customer base because I was not the right ‘ethnicity’. The biggest blow to me was an opportunity to write for a big name magazine and after I sent them my writings which included write-ups about women empowerment and confidence & they came back and asked me to write about the ‘top 10 fragrances of the season’ because that’s what women are interested in. I was shocked and upset, never in a million years did I expect that. The terrible part about it was me actually writing the post about the top 10 fragrances but after that my interest kind of died.

The fashion industry sometimes is more of a fashion freak show. The desperation is ever so evident from large retailers, brands, magazines to bloggers. Everyone wants the slice of the big pie and for a second I joined the race too but in the back of my head I have been asking myself is it really worth it? The money has never been a big motivation of the blog not because I come from a rich family but simply because I have a great full time job that I never plan on quitting. I work for Refugee Affairs and International Operations and the job means a lot more than just a paycheck because my work has real impact on people’s lives. Three years ago when I started the blog it to came from the same idea of having a real impact on people’s lives and if I end the blog someday then I want to make sure that it dies with that idea (of a positive impact). So going forward there might not be a regular schedule to the blog but I will post sometimes fashion and most times whatever is on my mind. I truly love all of my followers. The messages in my inbox are what keep me going so keep them coming. I am less active on my social media but have added periscope to the list if you were ever interested in my pajama talks or funny videos at the gym with Sharjeel and me then do come take a look.

Thank you for stopping by!