Stand Collar Maxi

Happy Memorial Day Everyone. Hope you had some pool time and/or a barbecue with friends and family. We will be spending our Monday with some pizza and pool time with Serena and family.

Today I am sharing a Stand Collar Maxi from Romwe for just $14.17. Honestly without a belt it didn’t work for me at all but then just adding a belt gave this fabric a new life! I like these budget friendly online stores for one seasonal pieces. You do have to be careful and not pick things which are too fitted or fabric too tricky to fit well. Also always go a size up to make sure you can get some extra length and the right fit.

Undeniable Boutique – Spring Blooms

Happy Friday Everyone! All thanks to Undeniable Boutique this past week I had the great opportunity to take part in a relaxing afternoon of tea, light fare and a fun fashion show to support the campaign of 2015 LLS Woman of the Year Candidate.  Although I am no model type, I also had the great pleasure to walk in the fashion show which featured trending spring styles from Undeniable Boutique. All proceeds from ticket sales went to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Perfection is a Disease of a Nation

Yes the title of today’s post ‘perfection is a disease of a nation’ is from Beyoncé’s song “Pretty Hurts“. I do like Beyoncé for her music and flawed feminism. We love to be picture perfect, we paint over our unique faces and than talk about being confident in our own skin. We spend countless hours applying filters to pictures or finding the right pose and then talk about accepting a healthy body image. Some would call these actions hypocrisy rather then flaws but I beg to differ.