Open Shoulder Dress & Cat Eyes

I attended the Fashion’s Night Out event at the Undeniable Boutique recently and had so much fun trying out their trendy outfits. I always enjoy loose fits in short length dresses and since green is one of my favorite color this look was a no brainer. I kept the look simple so my eyes could do the talking with those oversized Kat Sunglasses! If you live in the Fairfax, VA area then do visit the boutique they are located in Fairfax Corner.

Open Shoulder Dress & Kat Eyes Open Shoulder Dress & Kat Eyes-001 Floral Dress & Kat Eyes Cateyes Open Shoulder Dress & Kat Eyes-004 Open Shoulder Dress & Kat Eyes-005 Abel Pumps & Kat Eyes-006 Open Back Dress By the way it is never too early to start thinking about holidays, I have created a new board on Pinterest for Holiday Outfit Ideas.

Open Shoulder Dress – Undeniable Boutique

Kat Glasses – Available at Undeniable (Similar at Kate Spade & TopShop)

Pumps – Jimmy Choo

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Faux Leather Jacket & Tapestry Dress

A quick hello & happy Monday to everyone!

Tapestry Floral Print & Faux Leather Jacket Tapestry Floral Print & Faux Leather Jacket-001 Tapestry Floral Print & Faux Leather Jacket-002 Tapestry Floral Print & Faux Leather Jacket-003 Tapestry Floral Print & Faux Leather Jacket-004 Tapestry Floral Print & Faux Leather Jacket-005 Tapestry Floral Print & Faux Leather Jacket-006Tapestry Dress – ASOS

Pumps – Splurge here & Steal here – here

Bag – Old

Budget  friendly Faux Leather Jacket options:

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Collared Dress & Gold Accessories

Collared dresses are one of my all time favorites. They are a wardrobe classic and a timeless piece that can go from day to night easily. I paired this dress with gold accessories which are another big trend this fall. It seems that our blog has its own trend going, I have always liked bright pop of colors and this week red has been popping everywhere starting with the ‘The Perfect Blazer’ then the heels in the ‘Python Bow Blouse‘ and finally yesterday a post with tons of ‘Red Booties.’ I will leave you with this Marilyn Manroe quote that kind of sums up why I am in love with red every autumn – ‘Designers want me to dress like Spring, in billowing things. I don’t feel like Spring. I feel like a warm red Autumn’!

Collared Dress & Gold Accessories Collared Dress & Gold Accessories-001 Collared Dress & Gold Accessories-002 Collared Dress & Gold Accessories-003 Collared Dress & Gold Accessories-004 Collared Dress & Gold Accessories-005 Collared Dress & Gold Accessories-006 Red WedgesThank you for stopping by!

Dress | Accessories – Undeniable Boutique

Bag – Chanel

Wedges – Similar at ASOS

Bauble Bar has some beautiful gold accessories this season.

Shop some of my collared dress favorites & the post here:

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Chunky Sweater & Red Booties

Happy Wednesday everyone. As the weather has started cooling down (which to me is freezing) it is time to bring out the chunky knits and warm booties. I am in love with a new local boutique I found called Undeniable Boutique. They have some really bright & colorful options and a beautiful store. I recently attended their ‘fashion’s night out’ event and will be sharing some other looks in the coming days.

Chunky Sweater & Red Booties-001 Chunky Sweater & Red Booties Chunky Sweater & Red Booties-002 Chunky Sweater & Red Booties-003 Chunky Sweater & Red Booties-004 Chunky Sweater & Red Booties-005 Chunky Sweater & Red Booties-006Sweater | Scarf | Skirt – Undeniable Boutique

Red Booties – Splurge:   Manolo Blahnik   Steal:  Forever21 ($29.80) My Favorites  Pour La Victoire & Vince Camuto

Shop more of my ‘Red Bootie’ favorites here:

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Live and Let Live

I started this blog with only one thing in mind and that is to have a place which motivated women and young girls to live their lives the way they want too. Whether its is through a daily dose of inspiration through fashion or a lot of times through talking about harsh issues like sexual harrasement and other improtant topics. I receive emails on daily basis from young girls who wish they were able to project themseleves in a confident way and to them my blog helps by motivationg and inspiring them to live their life on their own rules.

To all those women today I want to say that just know that it is not easy but we have to stand for our rights and for what we believe in. To me confidence is not a constant it is something that needs constant work there will always be people who will try to bring you down and today I want to share a terrible example of that but before I go into details I want you to know that this has furthur fueled my fire and passion to talk about this issue. To help women understand that your body and what you choose to do with it; whether it is clothes or anything else is solely your descision.

This incident has hurt me a lot but I am not broken nor shattered because I am too strong for that. This is not the first time it has happened and probably not last either. it all started by me posting a picture on FB and within seconds the first comment popped up ‘R u muslim?’ usually I delete & block comments like this because I know that they only stir up drama and nothing else but lately I have tried to address this issue and was not shocked to being called that “this is why women like me get raped because we post nude pictures like this” If that was not enough I was told that I will lose my “virginity’ because of pictures like this. I am only bearing my shoulder and its still a nude picture to them. When a close relative came to defense she was also called names threatened to be raped and that somehow they found her college information and told her she better “watch out” I live in US but she lives in Pakistan. I know she will be just fine. She is an aspiring writer and a very strong young women and there are so many of them in Pakistan. I keep moving forward because it is my life and I want to set a great example for my daughter so she can pursue whatever she wants in life. I just wanted to share it with all of you to know that it is not easy but we should never ever let someone else’s hate change our way of life.ZFB

ZFB1 zfb2Women’s Rights News also took not of the story and published it on their site. As always thank you for reading the goal of the post is only to create awareness. I am originally from Pakistan and lived 17 years of my life there. It is a wonderful country with amazingly talented and beautiful people however women there and everywhere even in United States are not immune to harrasement and I hope after reading this they will know that there are so many others like them who face ignorance and still choose to live their life on their own terms.

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