Inspiration D&G – Embroidered Dress & Metallics

Hi everyone. I saw this dress on ASOS a few days ago and all I could think of the minute I saw it was D&G Fall 2013 collection. This dress is rich, sophisticated and has a strong feel of Byzantine mixed with Mughal-era feel! Fashion to me is a self-expression and what better way to do it then to add a little bit of your heritage into the mix. I purposely added aqua blue contrast earrings because any other color or metallics would just blend into much with a busy dress. As cliché as it sounds I have to say that for my hair ‘I woke up like this’! I usually sleep with my hair wrapped in a loose bun and by the morning that hair is falling out everywhere and that was the case when I was getting ready for the post. By the time I finished my makeup and decided to do my hair I thought that the messy look might be perfect for this particular look, so I left the hair alone and I just love how they look in these pictures.

Reminiscing D&G - Embroidered Dress & Metallics Reminiscing D&G - Embroidered Dress & Metallics-001 D&G Inspiration Reminiscing D&G - Embroidered Dress & Metallics-003 Reminiscing D&G - Embroidered Dress & Metallics-004 Chanel Bag Reminiscing D&G - Embroidered Dress & Metallics-006 Jimmy Choo PumpsI would love to hear your feedback and don’t forget to shop at ASOS for there 70% off sale. Thank you once again for stopping by!

Dress – ASOS

Heels – Jimmy Choo (Similar here & here)

Bag – Chanel (Like this budget friendly option)

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Fall Greens – Florals & Denim Vest

Happy Tuesday everyone. I decided to wear some old favorites today and get a feel for some green’s in this cool weather with occasional warm breezes. I love these lingering warm days in October where its cool enough for an extra layer but we are not already freezing to death! Last month when I was putting away my summer clothes I kept this denim vest out because I knew it will be a great fit in fall as well and today I really tried to put together a fall look using most of the summer colors & styles other then the warm layering ‘tee’. I hope you liked the look & cannot wait to read your feedback. Fall Greens - Florals & Denim Vest Fall Greens - Florals & Denim Vest-001 Fall Greens - Florals & Denim Vest-002 Fall Greens - Florals & Denim Vest-003 Fall Greens - Florals & Denim Vest-004 Floral scarf & clutchDenim Vest White PumpsGreen Skinny Pants- Midrise, High Waist, Skinny super stretch

White Pumps – Similar here & here

Floral Clutch -

Denim Vest – Similar here & here

Layering Tee – LOFT

Floral Scarf – C/O Undeniable Boutique (Similar here & here)

ASOS currently has 70% off sale right now. There are some great buys if you have time today do check them out!

Thank you for stopping by!

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Bold Statement – Wrap Skirt & Textured Top

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, our weekend was filled with lots of family time and ghostly train rides. Since the weekend was somewhat warm I took the liberty of wearing this wrap skirt without tights and the leather jacket just added the perfect amount of warmth. This skirt reminded me of a recent Balmain collection with bold yellow and fierce black. It is a perfect transition piece from fall to winter. I had a great time doing my hair for this post too. Believe it or not it was amazingly easy to do, I will definitely share more about the fun hair style in an upcoming post. Faux Leather Jacket Textured Top Zunera Black Top & Skirt Ankle Bootie for fall Red Chanel Bag Wrap Skirt & Textured Top-005 Wrap Skirt & Textured Top-006 Ankle BootieWrap Skirt – ASOS

Textured Top – ASOS

Jacket – Similar here & here

Clutch – Chanel (Like this by Natasha Couture $38 & by DVF

Booties – Similar here (on sale) & here (I have added tons of boots on my Pinterest fall boots board)

I wanted to address something important in this post as well. Recently I wrote an article on Asia Bibi which has generated some heat and before that I addressed the attack made on myself on social media when I was called names for showing too much skin. Although I have been advised by family and friends to stay away from these kinds of topics my simple reply is I cannot. I am beyond passionate about women’s issue and women having a voice & choice. Sometimes it meddles into the not so fun territory of religion and for that I have said over and over again that my take is “Live & Let Live.” So I will continue to discuss these and other topics that may empower and raise awareness about different issues regarding the state of women. Thank you for taking this journey with me and hearing me out. I have added the article at the end of this post. It first appeared on the ‘Women’s Rights News‘ as a special feature.

ASIA BIBI – My Appeal

For those of you who may not know I was born and raised in a muslim family while, I no longer feel the need to belong to an organized religion, I have always respected and stood up for all faiths including Islam. Islam is a faith followed by more than a billion people but days like today make me want to start screaming and saying that we need to come out of ancient times. Today Pakistan’s High Court has upheld the decision to hang Asia Bibi. A christian mother of five who is convicted of blasphemy. The dispute escalated and she was given the option to convert or suffer the consequences of defending her faith.

It is despicable to hang someone for using some words, everyone has a right to express their opinion. A coward judge in Pakistan gave into extremism and has decided to take the life of a poor mother for saying something that she has consistently denied and even if she said it what’s the big deal? Is your faith really that shallow that the only way to protect is to kill anyone who says any ill about it? I have noticed that the so called modern, influential and educated muslims either don’t have an opinion on this matter or they simply don’t want to openly express it in fear of retaliation from their own family and friends. So my question is why and how do we expect to defend a faith with others when we don’t speak against these atrocities and protect those who are in suffering in the name of our faith?

It is my appeal to my entire liberal muslim community to wake up, speak up and educate yourself. Changes need to be made to the certain Islamic laws and the interpretation of these laws. Just saying that it is a book of God that needs no changes is not enough. The words in the Quran can be translated & interpreted in many different ways, these subjective theories need to be interperted according to current times, so that we can stop living in the past. Blasphemy laws are definitely one of those laws that need to be completely abolished. It is only used to settle personal vendetta’s and nothing else. No one has a right to dictate what someone else says or thinks, a person’s opinion on how they feel about a certain faith or people is just that, their personal opinion and as long as it is not physically harming someone they should have a complete right to fully express it.

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Open Front Cardigan and Fall Florals

Open front cardigans are a must have for the Fall season. They are perfect for layers and have the ideal amount of warmth and comfort. I love this budget-friendly  daisy fuentes cardigan, it was a perfect fit for my new floral midi skirt. I am so excited to share the great news with all of you that I have just signed with SELF Magazine and will be writing for them twice a month about all things fashion and self-confidence. Thank you for stopping by & have a great weekend.

Floral Midi Skirt Open Front Cardigan and Fall Florals-001 Open Front Cardigan and Fall Florals-002 Lace Top Open Front Cardigan and Fall Florals-004 Louis Vuitton BagOpen Front Cardigan – c/o Daisy Fuentes (Sale: $34.80)

Midi Skirt – ASOS

Bag – Louis Vuitton (Similar here) (Saks 25% off sale eligible use code FRNFAM)

Top (old) – Similar by Ted baker (40% off)

Heels (old) – Similar here & here

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Lace Circle Dress & Loose Knits

My love for the lace circle dress  is always very evident. I did another H&M circle dress a few months back and also this red lace dress but if you are on budget then this red dress in today’s post is a perfect alternative. It has that edgy romantic floral lace and a great fit. Personally as the temperatures plummet I know I will be wearing it with some skinny jeans or just black tights but since we are still enjoying some fall sun here and there I decided to pair it with a loose  creamy sweater. This pretty sweater’s dynamically soft texture and cozy chunky shape is a perfect add on to the dress.

Let me know which look was your favorite and how would you pair this dress.

Lace Circle Dress Red Lace Dress-001  Lace Circle Dress & animal print clutch Red Lace Dress-003 Red Lace Dress-004 Suede Pumps Loose Knit Sweater Braids & animal print clutch Red Lace Dress & loose Knits-003 Red Lace Dress & loose Knits Red Lace Dress & loose Knits-004Dress - H&M

Heels – Similar here

Boots – Similar here

Sweater – Undeniable Boutique (Similar here)

Clutch – Similar here

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