Shaken Confidence – Wide Leg Pant Jumpsuit

Wide Leg Pant Jumpsuit-002

Happy Monday to all – I wanted to start the week with a power look and this wide leg pant jumpsuit does just that. It exudes confidence and a bold look. I think there are days when we can use a little help from our closet or friends to boost our confidence. This weekend has been a bit challenging and I want to share the reason with you since this blog is equal parts fashion & confidence.

I have always been very vocal about issues women face from topics like sexual harassment to just life in general. I am truly grateful to receive so many messages and comments on how I have inspired girls to take control of their life but there has been no shortage of hate mail too. From other women leaving vile comments regarding my 5 year old daughter’s pictures to people calling me the most horrific names just because I do not fit into their criteria of a ‘good woman’. Most of the time I have taken the high road and blocked/deleted such comments but I can only do it so many times. So finally when I started responding I got called derogatory terms and then told to ‘loosen up’ a little or ‘get my head checked’ these were the comments I recently received on my twitter.  The reason why I am sharing this today is because this weekend I learned about Karyn Washington a blogger who always promoted a carefree colored girl attitude and unfortunately ended up taking her own life.

I want to make sure that women understand that being confident doesn’t mean that you hide all of your feeling & emotions. It means that you deal with them and when you need help you find it, whether it is through a friend, mentor or a licensed professional. A strong woman can cry, have ups & downs but she knows how to find a solution. I shared my negative experiences not for pity but to show that everyone has ups & downs and each and every comment or feedback has an effect but the effect should not change our opinion or feelings of ourselves. In the end it is good to remind ourselves that we are always a combination of things (strong, weak, good, bad and so on). So be confident and if you need a little inspiration take it from Serena. She recently recorded a message for her kindergarten friends about being confident! Thank you for stopping by & have a great week.

White Blazer &  Jumpsuit Wide Leg Pant Jumpsuit-001 Wide Leg Pant Jumpsuit-002 Wide Leg Pant Jumpsuit-003 Wide Leg Pant Jumpsuit-004 Jumpsuit & YSL Wide Leg Pant Jumpsuit-006 Wide Leg Pant Jumpsuit-007Wide Leg Pant Jumpsuit – ASOS

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Bag – YSL (Similar here)

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  • Jackie Hughes

    You look so elegant. I’m a big fan of your blog.