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Hi, my name is Zunera Mazhar and I am a fashion feminist. Now, you might be thinking that this about me introductory line is very bold and simple but to be honest, after years of exploring and discovering my inner self this is what sums it up. I’m very enhusiastic about  life and to me living is all about being free, spotaniety, having fun, doing what we love, being healthy, confident, happiness and most of all sharing such joys with friends and family. Talking about family, let me introduce you to my bundle of joy, Serena.  Serena is my little “Fashion-Nina” who inspired me to start this blog, “Zunera-Serena”, in the very first place. She is 4 years old and a very strong, independent child. Somedays she is shy and the other days she can break it down in the middle of the mall on her favorite song!

Being a mother and working woman, people always ask me how can I juggle fashion blogging with so many responsibilites? And my reply has always been the same, that if you are passionate about it then there is always time. Women in the world are capable of so much more and the strength that they exhibit is just astounding.

Fashion to me is a continuous process of revamping your confidence and style. My style changes everyday and I never want to be associated with any one style. The goal of this blog is to bring you accessible and easily wearable fashion and share our life’s journey with all of you. I will blog about fashion, kids and somedays the hard job of being a mommy.

My story starts from a third world country called Pakistan and in the early 2000’s we migrated to the U.S. I have seen the best and worst of what this world has to offer which is why I work with Refuge Asylum and Internal operations to ensure that every individual underneath this sky is safe and has a home. It is hard when you do not know where your next meal would be coming from or the clothes on your back will last long and so working with refuges has put me more close to humanity. After facing years of hardships I can say now, that I am blessed beyond belief.  I worked hard, went to college and found a job I love and started this beautiful journey of discovering my style to look like a “Fashion-Nina” and so even now I always try hard to find quality pieces at affordable prices.

Other than family and fashion, I am passionate about creating awareness about being self-confident and having independent thinking. So any chance I get I fiercely talk about having the ability to do whatever it is one wants to do in life as long as they are confident and believe in themselves, I consider myself a prime example of this.

Welcome once again and lets get this journey started.

(May 8, 2013)

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